Top 5 favorite TMNT NFTs

top 5 funko nft

In this article, I will share my Top 5 favorite NFTs in the TMNT set. Let’s put aside rarity or value and concentrate purely on the cards themselves. All NFTs are not made equal. Some don’t have any animations, some are black & white while others show great creativity, sick…

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Droppp !


This is such a big news that I can’t not talk about it. Today, Funko revealed their own NFT marketplace and it is called Droppp. No, it is not a mistake, with three Ps. It is not completely a shocking news as it was no secret that they were working…

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History will be made


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been collecting something. At a very young age I was collecting hockey cards with my friends. Back then we didn’t care much about value. We were collecting solely for fun. There was not so many sets available, it was pretty much…

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The Sleepers – TMNT

Funko NFT Sleepers Big Boy

It has been two months now that the first Funko NFT drop occurred and already we can notice some tendencies in regards of which NFTs could be in demand and which ones don’t get as much love. In this “The Sleepers” article, I will discuss which NFT I feel every…

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Buy singles or packs?

A lot of people find themselves a bit lost at first. Odds of cracking a Legendary or Grail cards are quite low so it could be a bit discouraging and most are wondering if it wouldn’t just be more advantageous to buy the NFTs directly. That is a fair question….

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