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Use this banner to buy on Entertainment Earth and receive an extra 10% off any in-stock purchase
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Understanding My NFT Collection

First and foremost, it is important to know that PopInStock is not a game and my NFT collection is not a 'collect to earn' concept. Additionally, you cannot stake the NFTs on WAXDao or any other sites to passively earn tokens.

Only buy my NFTs if you are willing to support the site and help me keep it up and running.

   Click here to access all my active drops and blends on NeftyBlocks.

Even though you should not expect any sort of passive income from my collection, I still try to give back to the supporters.


Read the Reward System page to learn how you can win prizes just by holding my NFTs. If you are lucky enough to win a Gold Nugget, be aware that, based on current Funko prizes, their value is typically between $3.00 and $4.00 each. This value could increase if Funko releases a very popular IP.


Read the Moonlight Shadows page for more information on how 100% of the collection fees received from the secondary market are redistributed.


Jacob the Treasury Manager
This NFT doubles your entries into the draws for Gold Nuggets.

Moonlight Shadows
This NFT makes the holder eligible for the Moonlight Shadows program mentioned above.

Axel's Trading Post
This NFT allows you to blend my older NFTs from previous years into NFTs that are part of the reward system.

Toby the Prince of Felt
This NFT is a requirement to be eligible for some drops.

Original Supporter
This NFT was airdropped in 2022 to those who supported the project from the very beginning. Holders are eligible to receive additional perks from time to time. Find this NFT on the secondary market here.

Thank you for all the support and kindness!

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The Night Excursion

It's unclear how they pulled it off, but the Willis brothers managed to secure a couple of rusty old buses to transport the adventurers to the farm location.

If the legends reveal to be true, one of you will find a magical acorn.

The date of departure is Monday, June 24th, at 2 PM EST.

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Toby the Prince of Felt

A completely new wave of NFTs will be released this year. They will be AI generated cartoons of animals in situations representing things I like or sports I practice. I wanted to share a bit of who I am in a funny way.

The first friend I would like to introduce to you is Toby. Like us, Toby is a Funko Pop collector and he is proudly displaying them in his basement. Known by everyone as the Prince of Felt, he might not be the best pool player in the world, but he's definitely a tough competitor.

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Moonlight Shadows

In this era, tales of the Moonlight Shadows are scarce. Many believed this ancient brotherhood of goblin thieves had forsaken their nocturnal mischief. Yet, stumbling upon their hidden lair in the forest reveals otherwise.

While they're not notorious for spilling blood, they tolerate no disobedience, ensuring no one leaves if they suspect their secrets to be compromised. Defy their commands, and face dire consequences. Obey, and you may yet escape unscathed, and even be granted occasional rewards.

Read the Moonlight Shadows page for more information.

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Oakwood Farm

Deep within a dense, ancient oak forest lies a forsaken realm known as Pop In Stock Oakwood Farm. Once a thriving agricultural haven, it now stands silent and abandoned, its fields reclaimed by nature's embrace. Yet, despite the passage of time, whispers of its mystical aura echo through the woods.

Legends speak of magical acorns clinging to the twisted branches of the ancestral oaks. It’s said that the spirits of old farmers guard the forest's secret, ensuring that those who seek its treasures vanish into the depths, never to be seen again.

Will you risk venturing into the darkness in search of the elusive acorns, or heed the warnings and leave this mystery unsolved?

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Perfect Day with Luna

Luna's loving her time on the tennis court, eyes bright with joy as she practices her favorite sport.

I bet she'll hit the water slides once she's aced those serves!

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David "The Wall" Cole

A few years ago, this longstanding HR employee received a last-minute call to step in as a replacement defenseman in a local beer league.

Little did anyone know, he would evolve into "The Wall", a defensive powerhouse renowned for his bone-crushing checks in front of the net.

Despite his primary role as a stay-at-home defenseman, David's offensive flair during power plays and his reputation for possessing the league's hardest shot made him a feared player around the league.

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Jacob the Treasury Manager

Having steadily ascended the ranks within the company, Jacob now holds the esteemed position of Treasury Manager.

In this role, he diligently upholds stringent directives to safeguard and enhance the rarity of precious nuggets. Jacob's primary responsibility involves overseeing the strategic distribution of gold to individuals who own NFTs in the 'cartoons' category of the 'popinstockgo' collection.

For every $100 in sales from all active drops, an airdrop of 5 Gold Nuggets is triggered.

Each owned NFT provides one entry into the draw, with no additional chances for owning multiple copies of the same NFT. Notably, those fortunate enough to possess this Jacob NFT enjoy doubled chances of receiving a Gold Nugget.

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Axel's Trading Post

Axel is a young and lazy black squirrel hiding deep in the forest. Eager to instill a sense of responsibility, his parents insisted that he find a job. So his cousin Toby came to the rescue and named him the manager of the trading post.

The position is perfect for Axel. The trading post is somewhat secluded and very few are aware of its exact location. However, to irritate Axel, Toby mischievously reveals the location to anyone who will listen.

At this unique hole carved inside an ancient tree, you can recycle old NFTs in exchange for new ones. However, there's a catch: trading in five old NFTs will only yield one in return. The decision of whether it's worth the cost is left entirely to you.

Should you wish to embark on this thrilling venture, your initial task is to meet with Toby. Only he holds the elusive coordinates to the mysterious tree. Don’t get lost; you definitely don’t want to spend the night alone in those woods.

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Tim on the golf course

I can completely relate to Tim's reaction when he saw dark clouds appearing in the sky. Nobody likes playing golf under the rain. The clubs are slippery, the ball doesn't roll as much, we get our feet wet. Nah! It's not fun at all.

Tim has recently been hired as part of our Social Media team. It's actually a team of one. Just Tim! We are positive he's the right person for the job.

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Winston the Wombat

Winston is the magician behind the Wombat Dungeon Master search tool. Despite his small size, he is a real workhorse and a great asset to our team.

I must admit, he remains somewhat of a mystery to us. He is dedicated to his work, rarely finding time to socialize with his co-workers.


I know many people prefer not spending WAX or don't have a WAX wallet but would still be interested in supporting the site. Well that is absolutely possible.

My Droppp wallet is : dominic.dp

Series coins

I like collecting series coins even if they don't have any utility and don't hold much value. So you could donate series coins from any of the sets ever released and I would be very happy.


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