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The Autumn Support NFT giveaway is just a few weeks away and will most likely be held on Thursday, September 28th at 7:30PM EST.

For only $1.00, you not only help me maintaining the site, but also get a chance to win Funko NFT prizes like a IT Legendary Leper or Standard packs from active sets.

Click on the image below to buy one or more entries.

( Goal for the week : 335 )

The giveaway will be live on Twitch. You do not have to be present to win prizes. If you win, the NFTs will be sent directly to your WAX Wallet.


The icon redirecting to the search page might no longer be in the top bar, but no worries, the page still exists.

You can either click on the image above or use the menu at the top.

support me without spending WAX

I know many people prefer not spending WAX but would still be interested in supporting the site. Well that is absolutely possible.

My WAX wallet is : bw2vy.wam

Here are a few ways :

* I accept donations and trades from any sets from TMNT to the most recent ones.

Series coins

I like collecting series coins even if they don't have any utility and don't hold much value.

Donation : You could send me series coins.

Low mint number trades

Many people don't really care about the "Mint number" of the NFTs, but I like collecting mint numbers between 1 and 99.

Trade : You could send me a trade offer including your low mint NFT for the same one that I own with a higher mint number. So you would still own the card, but with a higher mint number. Example you own a Common Jake the Dog (Mint #81) and I own that same card with a higher mint. You could send me a trade offer and I would automatically accept it.

Special Mint number trades

I also like collecting "special" mint numbers like 111, 1111, 222, 2222, 333, 3333, etc.

Trade : Similar to the low mint number trades, you could send me a trade offer for that special mint number in return of the same card with any non-special mint number over 100 and I would automatically accept it.

Those are a few ways you could support me without spending WAX. Of course for the low or special mint numbers, you could always donate them to me without trading if you prefer that and have many duplicates.

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