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Today Funko announced what the next NFT drop would be and it was a pleasant surprise. Of course it did not really caught any one off guard when we learned it would be a Halloween themed drop. There was a lot of speculation going on in the Discord group so we already expected it, but we never know for sure.

What was a bit surprising though is the fact that the Fantastik Plastik mini drops had just happened ealier on the same day. It makes it even more obvious that the Fantastik set was only to experiment a mini release on their new Droppp platform. I guess they felt it went smoothly enough to go big this time with a normal size set.

General information about the set

I will not repeat everything there is to know about this drop when it is very clearly explained right here on the Funko Digital page. Make sure you read everything on that page and bookmark it for future drops.

One thing I will mention is that it will, again, be offered in two different packs. The Standard 5-card packs for $9,99 and the Premium 15-card packs sold for $29,99.

If you are new to Funko NFTs, do not think that missing the initial release is the end of the world. A lot of people are communicating false information out of frustration I guess, but don’t fall in that trap. Go on AtomicHub and you will find packs for pretty much the same price. For the last few drops, we’ve seen packs on the secondary market for $10,00 to $12,00 for a very long period, I mean several days and weeks. So don’t be discouraged if you are working and can’t catch the drop or if you were not lucky with the random queuing and couldn’t buy packs before they sold out.

There will be 21,000 Standard packs and 7,000 Premium packs which is a little bit more than the Iron Maiden drop. It lets me believe that it will help the secondary market prices to be lower again and allow more people to join in at retail prices.

Redeemable items

All four physical items that we can get from this set are variants of Freddy Funko. The Grail is Freddy Funko as Devil and it is limited to 999 as we are used to. Only the Iron Maiden Grail was more limited with the number of the beast, 666. It couldn’t be any different I admit. The Devil Freddy looks pretty good. The red is very flashy and vibrant. It seems to be a younger version of Freddy too.

The first Legendary is Freddy Funko as Skeleton. That one looks pretty good too actually. It reminds me of the Cobra Kai skeleton costume in the original Karate Kid. Yeah! I am that old. It is my second favorite in this drop. The NFT looks pretty sick actually with his head coming off his neck. I love it.

Roll the drums! With the second Legendary, Funko made me a very happy camper. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the very first NFT Soda figure. Wow! That Freddy Mummy is going to be a huge hit.

Usually sodas come in two variants. We can get a regular figure or a more limited chase variant. I asked TokenHead staff on this matter and it will not be the case here. There will not be any chase in these cans. Of course being limited to 1,260 it’s already as rare as any normal soda chase figures existing. I think it will be very popular in the Funko community and sodas might bring a new wave of collectors in the NFT sphere.

The last redemption token will be for the Mastery set. Oops!! My mistake. The terminology has changed. It is now called the Royalty set. It is a Freddy Funko as Vampire and will be limited to 1,800. It is my least favorite of all four. Colors are pale, it’s too “normal” to my liking. Nah! I don’t like it For people who know me, I always get a ton of Royalty sets. I don’t think it will be the case here. I will concentrate on the three others. Of course I will have a few copies of it. I have to. My goal is to own every single Funko NFTs create, with the exception of the 1 of 1 obviously.

Reactions on social medias

We are slowly seeing a change in the general opinion of Funko community toward NFTs. It was not well received at first when they released the TMNT set. Most people thought it was stupid to collect digital cards and it was useless. You know what? I am an honest person, I can admit that at first, for a short while I too thought NFTs were just stupid and nonsense. I bought them with the sole purpose of owning the physical pops attached to some of them.

But my opinion changed. I enjoy collecting them now for what they are. I bought Fantastik Plastik NFTs even if there are no physical Pops distributed. I have closely looked at pretty much every single NFT I own and I like the animations. I think Funko is doing a great job with most of them. This Halloween set seems absolutely spectacular and very creative with the card designs. I enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy looking at my physical Pops or my hockey cards. I am sold now! I can call myself a NFT collector. Not only Funko. I bought a few NFTs of the Montreal Canadiens, I bought NFT of MLB Game Play. I bought NFT of SplinterLands. I enjoy it!

I talk about general opinion because today I really saw a change in the comment left by collectors on the Funko Twitter account. Comment used to be mostly all negative, I will spare you examples, but you can easily imagine by yourself. But today it was very positive. Let’s say more positive. A breath of fresh air from a ton of people mentioning they might have to start collecting NFT after all.

Of course there are still a lot of people that refuse to adopt this new collectibles format. But they will eventually join us. They won’t be able to do otherwise in a few years when they realize NFTs are in every sectors of their life.

Halloween theme is king

Another thing that you have to consider when this set will drop is that it is Halloween themed. Everybody loves Halloween. Kids love it for the candies, adults love it for the costumed parties and the horror movies. So it brings everybody together. And guess what? It comes back every year. What you buy this year, will be trendy next Halloween and the one after and so on. Keep that in mind.

Share your opinion

I won’t discuss expected value of the redeemable items. I will discuss about that more in depth in the coming weeks. If you haven’t read this segment of my blog called Guess the value, you might want to click here.

Let me know in the comment section below what you think of this new collection that will be released next Friday on October 29th 2021. Which one is your favorite redeemable?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.
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