Top 5 favorite TMNT NFTs

top 5 funko nft

In this article, I will share my Top 5 favorite NFTs in the TMNT set. Let’s put aside rarity or value and concentrate purely on the cards themselves. All NFTs are not made equal. Some don’t have any animations, some are black & white while others show great creativity, sick movements and vibrant colors.

One thing I used to like when I was collecting Magic the Gathering cards is that we knew the name of the artist. I wish we could know with these Funko NFTs who are the artist behind the images.

My number 5 could be a bit surprising because it is not animated. Simply a pure well made image with great colors. The yellow borders with the yellow suit, orange background and a bit darker hair are very effective. This April O’Neil image is very well made. It doesn’t always have to be complicated and this is a perfect example. The image doesn’t even have much details and yet, its one of my favorite.

The number 4 is definitely more eye-catching. There are so many things going on with this one, we have to take a minute to see everything. The head, the arms and Krang are all moving parts of this animation in addition to the background and Series 1 logo which are both also adding to the visual effect. The pink colors of the robot and borders are simply perfect. I like that all the colors are very shiny. The red hands and the transparent glasses. Amazing. There are so many details on all the body, the more I look at it, the more I think it should even be higher in my rankings. Make sure you click on the link below the image to see the video and make it full screen to fully appreciate all its features.

The number 3 is Bebop. To be honest after looking at Krang for so long writing the article, I think Bebop should be pushed 4th. But I’ll stay with my initial order. For some reasons, I think my brain is biased on this one. I feel like I cannot forget about how fantastic the physical Pop will be and it impacts my judgement on the NFT. This one has a cool animation too. The background is wavy while whole body moves from one side to the other from the tip of the toes to the last hair. Everything is in movement on the NFT and that’s why it deserve the 3rd spot. I can almost see how crazy the black light will be on this one. Can you see it too? Alright calm down Dom. All these fluorescent colors make the card very fun to watch. I smile when I look at it. Maybe I’m a bit crazy in the head.

Let’s go back to simplicity for the number 2. For me, this Donatello is the best turtle of the set. The base position is perfect and the light movement is all that was required to make this amazing animation one of my favorite. No extra background movement to turn our eyes off the main character. Nope! Nothing of that nature. Only our turtle hero ready to strike the enemy with his bō staff. Yeah! I looked it up. That’s how its called. Purple border to go with the bandana is well chosen to fit perfectly. I wouldn’t change a thing.

And now, my number 1 favorite TMNT is Casey Jones. Do you think it’s because I am a Montreal based Canadian and hockey is all we think about here? Humm. That might have played a big role in my subconscious. You don’t want to mess with this guy. A hockey stick, a goalie mask and a few kicks to the knee, this dude is danger! I think the left leg kick is what gets me. I love it. Reminds me of our home boy GSP. Similar to the Bebop, the whole body is moving and I enjoy that more than a fixed image. Colors are more neutral here. Not super colorful but its all efficient anyways. I wouldn’t feel safe meeting this guy in a dark alley. That’s what I like. Somehow I see more than just a picture for this one and I like the dark brown frame to make the character at the forefront. No doubt, to me this is the best looking NFT of the set.

This is of course very subjective and it could be completely different for you. Let me know in the comment section below which one is your favorite NFT in the set and a few reasons why. I am curious to know what you think.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.
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