Are you a fan of statistics ?

The Funko NFT Tracker tool will allow you to get an overview of a multitudes of data regarding all Funko sets that were released.  Below are some of the stats you will be able to follow.

Standard and Premium Packs

Every sets provide collectors with 2 types of packs.  The Standard and the Premium packs, containing more NFTs.  For each type, we track the quantity that have been opened since the drop and in the last 24 hours.  It is a perfect way to monitor the pace of packs cracking and to know how many packs are still up for grab to maybe catch one super rare of the last 1 of 1 NFTs.

Mastery Set

One of the most sought after physical Pop redemption in every set is the one you get once you complete the full mastery set.  It takes various amount of cards depending of the set and also has different dollar cost.  This is a limited edition Pop and you also want to be aware of the number of Epic NFT that were burned make this Pop even more limited and valuable.

Grail & Legendary

Similar to the Mastery set, all Grail and Legendary NFT can be redeemed to get a super Limited Edition physical Pop.  So it is always fun to know how many have been found from the packs so far and how many are still out there to be unpacked.

The always famous Top 10

We track the Top 10 accounts that are holding to the most of each redeemable NFTs which are the Mastery, The Grail and Legendary.  Also providing direct links to the holder’s account, it is always fun to know more about the other NFTs they collect.  

Are you a redemption King?

The ultimate Top 10 of all is the Redemption Kings!  For every set, we compile all the redeemable items from each accounts to know the people who will received the most physical Pops once the redemption period begins.  If you are part of that Top 10, we know you are a true NFT and Funko Pop collector.

Have a look at all the cool stats :