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TMNT Bebop

It is now time to play the game with the Pop that could be considered the most sought after of all Legendary available. This one looks sick in NFT, we expect it to look even better as a Pop. Let’s have a little fun again today.

In Guess the value, we try to estimate what could be the value of a Digital Pop! on the secondary market once it hits eBay and other platforms and also what the value could reach after a few years.

Of course this is all fun and games and based on my personal opinion. Do not take my word for it and do you own due diligence before investing in an NFT.

If you haven’t read the first editions of this game, I suggest you go read this post first in which we were talking about Casey Jones or this post for Shredder.

General information

Today I will speculate on the value of the Legendary NFT – Bebop.

This Pop is part of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and will have a maximum edition size of 1,467. It will also be a Black Light variant.

Popularity potential

We have been going through this already with the previous TMNT redeemable NFTs Casey and Shredder. Popularity of the set remains the same so I won’t repeat the same arguments today. There was recently a Shredder GITD (Glow in the dark) released on the Funko Shop. It took a while before it was sold out, but don’t think it’s because of a lack of interest, it’s just that Funko produce so many copies now, it takes longer to sell all of them.

Bebop is the most valuable OG TMNT Funko Pop in existence. At the moment you can get one on eBay for a price between $225 and $240 and there are not so many copies available. It was produced back in 2014.

Since 2014, it’s been released in other formats like Dorbz or Soda but never again as a Pop. This explains in part why people are so eager to add this new version to their collection.

Almost 8 years later Funko give us a new Bebop and in the most trendy variant, a Black Light. People go crazy for BL Pops.


We are going to give a look at the other notable black light Pops out there. And keep in mind, all these were produced in much much less limited quantity. Here with Bebop we talked about pure scarcity in the BL category.

I think the Top-3 most valuable pieces in the Black Light series at the moment are Carnage, White Rabbit and Ghost Rider.

Carnage is the king of Black Light pops. It is worth over $200, very often closer to $300. If you look on eBay and see some sales for $80 or so, don’t be fooled, those are all fakes.

White Rabbit has also been very popular, it has a value in the $150 to $175 range. The third one is one of a kind being in the Rides line and a bigger format. That Ghost Rider looks sick in person and has a value similar to White Rabbit in the $175 area.

These three BL are now what I would call “mature”. In the sense that they went through the release frenzy and are now at a stage where the flippers are out of the equation and collectors own them. When that happens, the value starts going back up slowly and steadily. The reason is simple, once a Pop of this quality hits a collector’s hands, it is off the market for a long period and the supply is drying up quickly.

If you are a bit curious, go on eBay and search for “Funko Pop Black Light Carnage”. I don’t think there are more than 25 available and the price will be well over $300 for the great majority. This is how popular BL collectibles are. It is huge!

Based on this, I will set the floor price at $175 which is the value of White Rabbit and Ghost Rider.

Limited Edition

The thing that makes me struggle to most with the potential value of Bebop is caused by the fact that it’s very limited. Carnage was released only one year ago and it is worth so much. Yet, it was produced in at least 3-4 times more copies. There is 1,200 Bebop collected so far. We can expect that number to go up a bit, but not that much. There are less than 30 days remaining before the redemption tokens are distributed. We don’t exactly know what will happen with the packs left on the market. Of course if their respective owners opened them all at the limit, we will reach a number closer to the 1,467 maximum.

I will say that Carnage is more popular then Bebop. So the demand is definitely stronger for that one. Does being more popular entirely eliminates the edition size factor? I don’t think so. It does to a certain extent, but not completely.

My value prediction

Seeing Bebop flirting with the $325 – $350 price range on AtomicHub at the moment is not a surprise. It could even be considered low in all honesty. I think we are in the presence of a monster.

Another factor that will be important is what the final product look like. If it’s badly designed, it could hurt the value. But if that sick blue Bebop meets our expectations, I estimate the mid-term (6 months) value to be $400 and the long term value (2 years+) to reach $600.

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this article is only my own opinion and should not be considered as investment advice.

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