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There is nothing harder than trying to figure out the potential value of a Freddy Funko Pop. On one side, Freddy is the face of the Funko brand, on the other side a lot of people are not attracted by the company’s mascot. I’ll do my best to evaluate the situation from different angles.

In Guess the value, we try to estimate what could be the value of a Digital Pop! on the secondary market once it hits eBay and other platforms and also what the value could reach after a few years.

Of course this is all fun and games and based on my personal opinion. Do not take my word for it and do you own due diligence before investing in an NFT.

If you haven’t read the first editions of this game, I suggest you go read previous articles in which I try to estimate the values of Casey Jones, Shredder and Bebop.

General information

Today I will speculate on the value of the TMNT Royalty set NFT – Freddy Funko.

This Pop is called the “Royalty” pop and can be obtained by collecting all 96 base cards in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set. That means owning all cards of rarity common, uncommon, rare and epic. It originally had a maximum edition size of 2,160, but 8 epic cards have been burned so now only 2,152 sets can be completed.

At the moment, 1,094 sets are completed by 717 different accounts, just under 51% of what’s available.

Popularity potential

Freddy Funko is very well known by every Funko collectors. He has been made in all kinds of Pop sizes as well as Wacky Wobbler, Dorbz, Hikari, more recently in Soda and probably more Funko toy lines over the years. He his simply everywhere. So we know it’s a big deal when a limited item of Freddy is released.

A problem we often face when it comes down to Freddy figures is the lack of creativity. Sadly, here I think it is the case. Funko had the chance to do something very special with the first NFT edition of Freddy, but they got a bit lazy. This figure is the exact copy of Skater Freddy, but with a bandana. In that sense, some people might feel a bit cold towards that Pop.

The TMNT logo on the shirt is cool, but why are the cap and bandana gold? I don’t know and I am not completely sold on that design. Was it to give it some kind of “luxury” look? Possibly. Again that is only my opinion. I know many people in the community think it looks great. It does make a great looking NFT, I can’t deny that. But will it translate to the physical Pop? We’ll know very soon.


Freddy is probably the most difficult figure to estimate because there are so many comparables and at the same time, they are all unique in their own way.

Did you know Freddy was already portrayed as the Turtles in the past? Back in 2014 four versions were made and only a few lucky people have these in their collections.

Freddy as Raphael was made in 300 copies and the other three were made in only 24 copies. Yes, that is not a typo, 24 copies. Raphael can be purchased for $1,500 on eBay right now. The other three we don’t really know their value, they are so limited, they are not listed for sale anywhere at the moment. And the last time they were sold is many years ago so again that is not longer valid data to determine their value, but it’s definitely over $5,000 in my opinion.

If you are wondering how these Pops were originally distributed, it is made during a special event called Funko Fundays. During the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) a special event attended by people who won a lottery or were invited can get a chance to win these items. It is also maybe possible to buy tickets, I am not sure.

These cannot really be used to evaluate the NFT Freddy. They are worth a lot more and they are old figures, much harder to find these days. But based on the fact that Raphael can be found on eBay for $1,500, it means our NFT Freddy here is not worth that much. So I will fix the ceiling at $1,000. That is actually very generous.

It is much harder to find the floor price. Not all Freddy Funko are worth money. I will at least exclude the generic copies. By that I mean Pops like Soccer Freddy, Officer Freddy or Freddy Artist Series. Those are definitely in a lower category. They do not represent a character from a popular movie or series. The current Freddy is tied to TMNT so it cannot be put in the low end type.

Back to the future is a very popular movie. There was a Freddy as Marty McFly in the recent Box of Fun release. This Pop is limited to 2,000 pieces and has a value of $200. That is a good starting point. I think TMNT Freddy will be closer to 1,200 copies so that Marty McFly is not as limited. So we can expect a value a bit higher.

Another one is Freddy Funko as Frankenstein. Horror Pops are always very popular. This one has a value of $740 but it is limited to only 350 copies.

This one is Freddy Funko as Dany Zuko from the movie Grease. It has a value of $170 and is limited to only 350 copies. I just wanted to illustrate that fact that even a very limited Freddy from a popular movie does not automatically translate to high valuation.

The last two above are a bit more generic. Let’s try to find a few more. This one is Steve Harrington from Stranger Things. That is an extremely popular series, it was made in only 450 copies and yet it’s only worth $550.

I am showing you three more. Freddy as Scott Pilgrim (LE 425), as Superman (LE 525) and as Doctor Strange (LE 400). We cannot say that these are not characters on the same level as TMNT. Actually, they are probably in higher demand. These are respectively worth $460, $530 and $940 and are all a lot more limited.

My value prediction

The Royalty set can currently be assembled for $377.

In my analysis, I excluded the generic Freddy Funko, I consider this one to be of higher quality. But I also demonstrated that much more limited Freddy, from movies and series as popular if not more popular than TMNT are going for much less than the $1,000 a lot of people are expecting to see.

I can accept the fact that being the first Freddy from a NFT drop could bring a bit more value, but I am not so convinced that it will have a major impact. The thing is that it’s not that limited. Over 1,000 copies requires a lot of takers to bring the price high. A lot of people won’t care about the “NFT” factor, they only want to collect what they like. Are they going to like this one?

The design not being a masterpiece will also affect the value in my opinion.

I estimate the mid-term (6 months) value to be $450 and the long term value (2 years+) to reach $850.

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this article is only my own opinion and should not be considered as investment advice.

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