History will be made


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been collecting something.

At a very young age I was collecting hockey cards with my friends. Back then we didn’t care much about value. We were collecting solely for fun. There was not so many sets available, it was pretty much only O-Pee-Chee. We wanted the stick of gum that were in each packs. And often our duplicate cards were used to make noise with out bicycle. One card, a clothes pin and there we go, by fixing it in the wheels, we were having our own Harley Davidson’s sound. But later I continued collecting cards having the value in mind.

A bit later, in 1993 I started playing Magic the Gathering. At that moment the most recent set was Revised and again, the same thing happened. I was buying cards for the fun of the game at first and not for the value. That aspect came a bit later.

Now for the last 4 years I’ve been collecting Funko Pops as a hobby and pretty quickly I realized they had a lot of value and some key pieces were very sought after and a great addition to any collection.

Why I am mentioning this quick history of mine? Because for all of these, there was one thing that I missed. One thing that after a while I was having in the back of my head and was always wondering how cool it would have been. That question I kept asking myself was : “What if I had been there from the beginning?”.

How cool it would have been to have the first hockey cards or the very old ones having a lot of value like a rookie Wayne Gretzky. How cool it would have been to have the Alpha Magic the Gathering cards and a Black Lotus. The very first set. I remember when I started, there was still a few sealed packs available for sale in hobby shops. How cool it would have been to have the very first Funko Pop in 2010. Some of these are worth several thousands of dollars now.

You see what is the common denomination? THE VERY FIRST !!

In everything we can collect, at some point what we want is the very first that were released.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

My friends, you don’t to be asking yourself that question in 5 years. What if I was there when Funko released their first NFTs? No, we won’t have to asked ourselves that question. We are here! It is happening right now and we shall not miss our chance to own a piece of history.

The TMNT set came with promotion cards. Those are also definitely a must have. No need to have 10 copies, but I would strongly advise any Funko NFT collector to own a few copies of the four promo cards and even some sealed packs.

But the one set that will mark history for Funko NFT is the core TMNT set. Not only the Mastery set, but also the coins, the many legendaries, the Leonardo grail and both sealed packs.

If you are into Funko NFTs, you have to get a copy of each NFT in that set. I understand it might sound stupid to own packs and never open them. They cost a lot of money. You might skip those, but the others are important to own.

We are the lucky ones that have the privilege to act while history is being made.

Redemption period incertitudes

If you joined the NFT community just recently it is not too late. Even if you read this article only in 6 months, it will not be too late. It will never be too late. But if you read this article before the redemption period, be ready to pull the trigger.

There are a lot of speculations right now about what is going to happen to the NFT prices after the redemption tokens have been dropped at the beginning of December. Will the NFT value drop down to pennies? Will the NFT retains most of their value? We don’t really know. All opinions are valid and we hear things from the most optimistic to the most pessimistic. No one really knows.

Personally I think the value will drop a lot for high value NFT. The value will transfer to the physical Pop and the NFT will be left with a much lower “initial value“. I would not be surprised to see the Leonardo grail drop to the $10-$20 range. I feel a lot of people will try to recover a bit more money after they get their physical pops and be ready for a future drop. I also put the emphasis on “initial value” because I think once the value drops to its floor price, then it will beginning to climb back up overtime and never look behind.

We can see the coins having a value in the $0.25 – $0.50 range. There are almost 30,000 of them and they are not required for any redemptions. So it would be fair to think that this is the absolute floor value. But since the other NFTs are much more limited, I think they will stay much above that.

Be ready for post-redemption period

My plan is to be ready for anything that might happen that day. I already own all the NFTs in the set but I will be ready to buy a lot more if I see people unloading theirs at a discount. We have to keep in mind that a lot of people are not here for the NFTs, they are here for the Pops. So once they redeem them, the NFTs are useless to them and they have no intentions of ever collecting them.

That’s where a person like me can take advantage of it. If I see NFTs a very low price, especially the most rare like Epic to Grail, I will buy everything I can. As I said earlier, these NFTs are history. If they are offered very cheap, I will make sure to hoard as many as I can.

And if they retain their value and no discounts can be found, well, I am already covered having all I need.

In summary

This is my strategy because I am a Funko NFT collector and I see a bright future for this new collectibles. Your strategy and your opinion could be completely different based on your observations and your goals.

No matter what we all do, it will be a learning curve for all of us to see the behavior of the community. How many of the current holders will decide to keep their NFTs and continue collecting and how many will not follow that route.

December will never come soon enough.

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