It is never too late the start collecting digital Funko Pops. New sets are released regularly and it is very easy to acquire NFTs from older sets on the secondary market. So join us in the incredible journey.

Follow these simple steps and you will be all set.

Open a WAX account

The first step to join the Funko NFT community is to open a WAX account at 

Open a Droppp account

Recently Funko launched its own platform. This is where you will have to go to redeem the physical Pops. Open your account at

Discord groups

Funko NFTs are still very new.  A lot of new informations are thrown at us and it’s not always easy to know everything and have the accurate informations.  These Discord groups are the best places to discuss with other Funko NFT enthusiasts and reach out to the Droppp staff directly to get all the right information you need.

The Digital Pop Kingdom (my favorite group) :

WAX Blockchain Funko :

Droppp : We can’t publish invitation links for that group.

Atomic Hub

The main secondary market place for Funko NFT is

From there you will be able to manage, buy, sell and trade all your NFT.  Take the time to get more familiar with the website.  This is where you’ll pass most of your time searching for NFTs to complete your sets or get the redeemable Pops.

Install TokenHead app

The TokenHead mobile app will allow you to have an overall view of most, if not all, your WAX NFTs.  Play around with the application a bit.  The app is owned by Funko LLC.

Congratulations! You are ready to start collecting NFTs.