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Hello dear readers! Let’s have a little fun again today.

In Guess the value, we try to estimate what could be the value of a Digital Pop! on the secondary market once it hits eBay and other platforms and also what the value could reach after a few years.

Of course this is all fun and games and based on my personal opinion. Do not take my word for it and do you own due diligence before investing in an NFT.

If you haven’t read the first edition of this game, I suggest you go read this post first in which we were talking about Casey Jones.

General information

Today I will speculate on the value of the Legendary NFT – Shredder.

This Pop is part of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and will have a maximum edition size of 1,467.

Popularity potential

Every arguments we gave when we analyzed Casey are still valid for Shredder since they are both from the same set. I think these NFTs even gave a boost in the popularity of the Pops from that set because in the last month I’ve been reselling or was asked much more about TMNT Pops.

So that is something very interesting about the current state of TMNT on the market. The demand is there. In just a short period of time we saw the arrival of the NFTs and we saw the new wave of TMNT Pops called “The Secret of the Ooze” and collectors are motivated about this set more than ever.

You want a proof of that? Go on eBay and you will see all the TMNT Funko items sold daily. There are thousands of items for sale and as many being bought all the time. If you collect NFTs but are not so informed on Pops, you can take for granted that they are amongst the most popular sets.


Similar to Casey Jones, Shredder has the same edition size of 1,467. It will too realistically be closer to 1,425 – 1,450 as not all packs will be opened.

Casey Jones VS Shredder

Let’s tackle this price analysis going straight to the battle between Casey and Shredder.

Both these characters already have an existing Pop. Shredder was released in 2013 and has a current value of $55 while Casey Jones was released a few years later in 2016 as a Specialty Series Pop and has a current value of $25.

We don’t have their exact edition size, but it would be fair to think their edition size is similar. Shredder is older, but Casey was an exclusive and they tend to be less produced.

Even considering that, we can see that Shredder is worth more than twice. If we look at their respective designs above, I think they both look very good. So again, Shredder is not worth more only because of appearance. This is what I think puts Shredder well ahead in the Digital Pop! line. Unlike their original edition, their new versions were not made equal on the visual aspect. We haven’t seen the real designs yet, only mock ups that are subject to change, but from what we’ve seen Wow! Shredder look so much better. He looks great I must say. Your opinion might differ, but if I have to pick between the Underlit black Casey or the Pewter & Bronze Shredder, the choice is easy to make.

No doubt, Shredder is more popular and this edition looks much better. So we will take this into consideration to set our floor price. I said Casey would reach a value of $175 in the first 6 months. Let’s set our floor at $175 then.

Are LE 1500 always worth more?

When it comes down to edition size, there are the regular commonly know numbers like 5000, 4000, 3000, 2500, 2000, 1500, 1000, 500, 480, 240 and a few more even more limited print runs. A low print run does not always mean high value. There are a lot of examples of very limited items that are not worth so much while there are some that have seen their value skyrocket. Its not about the quantity, its about the popularity.

Here are a few notable items that have a print run of 1500 and varying values.

  • 2018 : #285 – Super Shadow – Sonic valued at $500.
  • 2013 : #35 – Glenn (Bloody) – The Walking Dead value at $240.
  • 2017 : #291 – Mr. Toad – Disney valued at $250.
  • 2020 : #375 – Elvira valued at $250.
  • 2013 : #40 – Wolverine Unmasked – Marvel valued at $580.

These are just a few examples of a bit of everything. Different release years, different sets, different popularities and clearly different values.

It is very hard to estimate the ceiling of what a Pop could be worth someday. Some never get the love of the collectors while others are fought over and become a must have.

What is Shredder? Does it fall in one of the two extremities or does it float somewhere in the middle. TMNT is a popular set, but it’s not Sonic and it’s not Marvel. So I would compare it to the others and put a ceiling value of $300.

My value prediction

Based on all the observations mentioned in this article I am ready to give my value prediction. I will be optimistic and give a little extra dollars because I still believe being one of the first Digital Pops released will boost the value a bit.

I estimate the mid-term (6 months) value to be $200 and the long term value (2 years+) to reach $300.

The current price as of today to buy Shredder on AtomicHub is $170.

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this article is only my own opinion and should not be considered as investment advice.

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