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TMNT – The final week


My friends, after what seemed like a neverending wait, we are now less seven days away from the first ever Funko NFT token drop. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last four months, December 1st is the date you can start redeeming TMNT physical Pops. If…

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What is your strategy?

Funko NFT Redemption Day

With less than three weeks before the TMNT tokens drop, it is time to put our strategy into action. If you don’t know it yet, December 1st will be the day redemption tokens are deposited into our wallets for every redeemable NFTs we own and every royalty sets we have…

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The Sleepers – Big Boy

Funko NFT Sleepers Big Boy

With less than 30 days before the historic TMNT redemption token drop, we often forget about the other sets. From all the sets released so far, Big Boy is sadly the one that is the least favored by the collectors. TMNT, Iron Maiden and just recently Freddy Funko Halloween are…

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Top 5 favorite TMNT NFTs

top 5 funko nft

In this article, I will share my Top 5 favorite NFTs in the TMNT set. Let’s put aside rarity or value and concentrate purely on the cards themselves. All NFTs are not made equal. Some don’t have any animations, some are black & white while others show great creativity, sick…

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