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Funko NFT Sleepers Big Boy

It has been two months now that the first Funko NFT drop occurred and already we can notice some tendencies in regards of which NFTs could be in demand and which ones don’t get as much love.

In this “The Sleepers” article, I will discuss which NFT I feel every collectors should own in multiple copies and that has the most potential of steady growth in the future. I will do this for each set a couple on months after their initial drop.

So today let’s tackle Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and have a look at NFT that are worth mentioning and the one that wins it as my set Sleeper.

Notable NFTs

Some of the NFTs that you should definitely own and deserve to be mentioned are the whole set of the four Freddy Funko. Being the face of the Funko brand, Freddy will always be very popular. They are still quite cheap, so don’t wait any longer before picking up at least a copy of each. Were you to only pick one, go with the Rare purple Freddy #95. Being made is less copies, it will most likely always fetch a higher price. But the right decision here in my humble opinion is to own all of them.

The other four NFTs I think you should definitely own are the original Turtles themselves. They are a bit more expensive already so I would suggest you pick the cheaper ones and wait to buy Donatello after the redemption period. I might be wrong, but I think some people might not keep their NFTs once they redeemed their Mastery set. That is where you want to come into play and grab these for cheap while you can. They have a great potential of value growth in the years to come.

TMNT Sleeper : #51 – April O’Neill

There are a few variants of April O’Neill, but let’s be honest they don’t look good. The “Original” variant is the one that gets the most attention of all the Common cards in the set and yet I strongly believe it remains undervalued at the moment.

On the chart below, we can already see a clear value appreciation that started a month ago another good reason to act before it gets more expensive.

Being the first human ally of the Turles, April has always been a very popular character. Even if the NFT is not the greatest because it has no movement, the bright yellow and orange colors makes it stand out.

I personally own a few copies of that one and every time I see one for sale at a discount, I add it to the collection.

So April, you are my #1 pick for Sleeper of the set !

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