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Funko NFT Sleepers Big Boy

With less than 30 days before the historic TMNT redemption token drop, we often forget about the other sets. From all the sets released so far, Big Boy is sadly the one that is the least favored by the collectors. TMNT, Iron Maiden and just recently Freddy Funko Halloween are all shining stars while Big Boy is aging out of the spotlight. Nonetheless, the collection is now 60 days old and it’s time dive deep into discovering the hidden treasures it contains.

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Sleepers are NFTs that I feel every collector should own in multiple copies and that has the most potential of steady growth in the future. Some NFT go up in value right from the beginning while others for some reasons stay unnoticed for a long period of time. Lucky you, I will tell you which ones so you can get them right now before its too late. Just kidding! Never listen to anything I say for your own investments.

Notable NFTs

When we think about Big Boy restaurants, the most iconic image that comes to mind is Big Boy holding a burger over his head. There are three in the set, but only two are in color. The other one is black & white and I don’t like it as much. The one in red is the real thing and guess what? You can buy it for only $0.25 right now. The other one is in the rare category and it is actually the most valuable rare of the set but it’s still a sleeper selling for only $1.30. If you don’t own Big Boy NFTs but would like to diversify a bit, these two could be a good option being the face of the franchise.

I strongly doubt some random new Funko collectors would be attracted by a set about a restaurant they probably don’t know and never went to. So we have to think about people that might. Who are they? They are the hard core Funko fans. The ones that were there from the beginning of the Funko amazing story. People that were initially collecting Wacky Wobblers. For them, I picked the NFT that is the closest to what the Wobbler was back in 1998, the bubble head Big Boy. There is an “Epic” blue one too but it’s already priced over $20 so it cannot be considered a sleeper.

This Big Boy NFT can currently be purchased for only $0.40 on AtomicHub.

The Sleeper : Big Boy with shake

It is now time to talk the ultimate sleeper, the Royalty set NFT, Big Boy with Shake. I know I cheated, it should not count, its not really a single NFT. Does this mean the whole Big Boy set should be considered as giant snoring sleeper? Yes. Absolutely.

Right now, you can get the whole set for under $75 and that is considering its recent spike in value. Last week it was possible to get it for $65. I don’t want to talk about the value potential of the Pop, I will talk about that in my Guess the value article soon, but it is a big factor. In my opinion people underestimate the potential of this Pop. Not even half of the Royalty sets have been completed after two months.

It is probably one of the more neglected item of all the Funko NFT so far. I might be wrong, but I am heavily invested on this one. I completed 35 sets, that is how much I believe in the set and I don’t only talk about the Pop, I am glad I’ll have the NFT associated to it.

So Big Boy with shake, you are my #1 pick for Sleeper of the set !

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