When common cards are the most rare

What we have observed with the first release of Funko NFT is there was some kind of discrepancy with the ratio of cards opened from packs.

At the moment there are only 6.9% of common cards left to be found while all other rarities are above 19.8%. You can see these numbers in the tracker HERE.

At first it didn’t have much of an impact, there was so many common cards left to be found in packs that no one really had a fear of missing out on them. But now, only 6 weeks prior to redemption day, some common cards have become very rare and won’t be found in packs so often anymore.

That will drive most people to the secondary market to find these common cards and complete their Mastery set on time. Also, a lot of them have been burned, making them possibly even harder to find in the final stretch.

Top 5 most unboxed common cards

On the image above, you can see the 5 cards that have been Unboxed the most already. The Metalhead #76 has already been found 2,911 times leaving only 96 cards left in over 4,000 packs. That is simply unbelievable. That makes this card almost impossible to get from packs.

The rest of the Top 5 all have less than 150 copies to be found in packs and many more follow not far behind in the count.

Honestly, I didn’t see it coming. Some people on the Discord group had already noticed the fact that common cards were found much more often then they should, but on an individual aspect, it’s simply crazy to see how scarce some of the common cards are and they will only be harder and harder to find as we approach the final deadline.

Time to buy ?

Knowing how rare they might be in the last 6 weeks, would it be a good idea to buy, even hoard some of them? Well from the image above and the quantities I own, you can see that I think it is a good opportunity. I bought between 20 and 30 extra copies of the 3 most Unboxed common cards not too long ago. They are still pretty cheap so I thought it was an interesting gamble.

They could easily double in value in the coming weeks as people willing to complete more sets won’t have any other options then turning to the secondary market. I would not suggest anyone to go on a shopping spree for these common cards. That is an investment that could go south very quickly. But there is also a part of me that thinks its a smart move to get a few of them or even try to corner the market for one of them. What is your risk tolerance level?

I understand it could look a bit immoral to do that, we are here to collect first but in all honesty, we are also here to make a bit of money too. So that is why it could be a strategy to try.

Pull ratio fixed

Something has obviously been fixed between each releases.

Big Boy does show a bit of a similar situation but not to the same extent. There is only 14.5% of common cards left in packs compared to 26% and up for the other rarities. So the gap was still important, but very far from what it was in the TMNT set.

And again, they must have tweaked the settings a bit more for the Iron Maiden set, because this one is pretty even in all rarities. So this situation seems to have been fixed properly.

TMNT could be the only set where common cards could become rarer than Epic cards.

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One thought on “When common cards are the most rare

  1. Jeff Reply

    Thanks for your thoughts! I always enjoy reading them. For those who are looking at commons as investment, I warn that this may be a short term gain as the market will be flooded the day people get their redemption coins. A fair argument will be made that there is a long term play as this is the first funko nft release and years from now, people will still value this set. I, myself will be scraping the floor after the redemption coins as I expect to be able to pick them up for at least a 50% discount from today’s price.

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